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BVH Management Committee Meeting Minutes – 18th June 2018

Minutes of Broadclyst Victory Hall Management Committee, held on June 18th, 2018 commencing at 7:00 pm in the Green Room

Trustees Present

  • Mrs J Cobbledick (JC)
  • Mrs A Shere (AS)
  • Mr S Staddon (SS)
  • Mr C Andrews (CA)
  • Mrs C Derham (CD)
  • Mrs A Browm (AB)
  • Mr M Albas



Approval of the minutes of the Committee meeting held on May 21st 2018 were signed a true record. Approval proposed by CR, seconded by AB

18/117 – Matters Arising

AS is having difficulty contacting Premier Roofing about the roof problem of the Green Room. Alcohol licence still being a problem. AS told that the form we filled in was the wrong one. The fresh form has now been accepted. We have to put a summary of it up around the building and publish it in the paper. Handyman Chris Pope has done a few jobs around the hall.

18/118 – Treasurer’s Report

Accepted by Committee. Proposed by AB, seconded by CR.

18/119 – Bookings

CR said there were a good number of bookings.

18/120 – Building and Maintenance

Little Angels have installed their storage boxes in the alley, Chairman suggested TV screens should be put up in the Wiltshire and Green Rooms. It was approved and it was agreed he should arrange it in a few weeks time.

18/121 – Social Club

Everything O.K.

18/122 – Tea Rota

Going well.

18/123 – Hall Café

KMJ and CR will speak to Danielle regarding boosting the use of the Café on Thursdays.

18/124 – Jubilee Room

Nothing to report.

18/125 – Any Other Business

CT will get quotes for replacing the Green Room outside doors. KMJ said she had received a quote for new curtains for the stage, back wall, flaps, skirt and installing them for £3,414.00. She is waiting for 1 more quote to come in. It was approved that the chairman should offer Tina the job as hall manager with more responsibilities with regular times off and with the help with the cleaning on condition she reports to the committee monthly and she recognizes the management make decisions for maximising the use of the hall.

Meeting closed at 8:30 pm.