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BVH Management Committee Meeting Minutes – 19th June 2017

Minutes of the Broadclyst Victory Hall Management Committee Meeting held on Monday 19th June commencing at  7 pm in the Green Room BVH

Trustees Present

  • Mrs C Ratcliffe (CR)
  • Mrs C Derham (CD)
  • Mrs A Brown (AB)
  • Mr A Saunders (AS)
  • Mrs K Jones (KMJ)
  • Mrs J Cobbledick (JC)
  • Mr S Staddon (SS)
  • Mr A Sheer (AS)
  • Mrs C Traer (CT)

Apologies received from Katie Jones (KJ).


Approval of the minutes of the committee held on May 15th 2017 were signed as a true record. Approval proposed by JC, seconded by SS.


Matters Arising

Fire Officer has completed Fire Safety in the Jubilee Room. He is arranging Fire Drill when the Primary School children are in the Acland Room. The asbestos inspection has taken place and report received. Work on the new website has been started by Search4Local. Clystnet contract has been canceled. CT is to contact BT to provide phone line and to cancel Plusnet. CD is to cancel s.o. to Plusnet. Social Club excessive electric bill still not resolved.


Treasurer’s Report

Accepted by committee proposed by JC, seconded by SS. It was agreed that the Book Keeper is to produce half year’s financial analysis for the next management meeting. KMJ read a note from Katie Jone (KJ) in her absence. Please see attached. The Treasurer (CD) and Chair (CR) were surprised that official sanction from the committee has not been minuted for KJ to instruct Mortimers for their auto-enrollment service. However, it was officially sanctioned unanimously in retrospect also that Mortimers would be given the go ahead by KJ to operate the pension staging at Mortimers’ agreed fee for Tina McAllister the booking clerk/caretaker and Danielle Hammond the café manager.


Building and Maintenance

Only one suitable quite received on replacement kitchen, cupboards, doors etc. CR to get two more. Gas, electric and Guardian security inspections have been done satisfactorily. The Wi Fi boxes have not been fitted CR to arrange with an electrician. The entrance door is banging again, CT will sort it with Harmony. CT will source a handyman. JC will sort the problem with social club mobile bar leakage staining carpet in the Wiltshier room. Committee members are asked to take over the opening and closing of the hall for the week in July that the caretaker is on holiday.


Social Club

JC reported all was well other than a urinal which has been replaced and the ongoing problems with the electric bill costs (see above) which she will continue to look into.



AB has arranged the tea rota. The committee thanked Dave, Andy and Anthea for their considerable efforts towards the quiz and curry night which was a social success. Anthea to send a card of thanks to Dave and Andy. A different arrangement will have to be made for catering in the future due to AB’s bad shoulder.


Hall Café

Katie Jones (KT) submitted a report on the café. Please see attached. The committee agreed unanimously that Kartrina Jones (KMJ) would from now on act as treasurer for the café. Connie has written to the council and will contact the clerk again.


Jubilee Room

Chris Andrews (CA) was not present to report on Search4Local. In his absence CR said that he applied as a small business for a waiver of rates on Jubilee Room. It is understood the rest of the building is exempt as the BVH is a registered charity.



KMJ read a further note from Katie Jones (KJ) Please see attached. For now the approved minutes from the monthly meetings will be put on the hall notice board and on the website. The committee understands that Katie Jones will still be responsible for Hallmark, which is well on target, assisted by Katrina Jones (KMJ) in KJ’s note she requested an open meeting to be held for the public and users of the hall so the proposed plans could be viewed and suggestions could be made, not only by committee members, for any major expenditure. It was agreed by the majority that a half an hour should be put aside for public suggestions/ideas before the September management committee meeting. This open meeting should be advertised on the village notice board and on the Victory Hall website and to the users via the booking clerk.

CR proposed that Josie Land’s legacy should be a subject on the next meeting’s agenda. The committee was asked by Peter Pepper if a grant of £100 could be made to produce a booklet titled “Broadclyst Community Organisations” the details of the possible expenditure and distribution is written in an e-mail. A draft of the booklet was shown to the committee which agreed unanimously to a grant be given.

The meeting was closed at 8:30pm.

The next meeting to be held in the Green Room on 17th July 2017 at 7pm.